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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Thu Nov 17 01:50:31 EST 2011

Donald Allen <donaldcallen at> writes:

>> (cond ((> x 5) (fun a b))) ;; I won't even attempt to properly indent this
>> in gmail
>> vs.
>> if x > 5:
> I'm not sure how I fat-fingered this, but the message got sent prematurely,
> destroying my credibility:-)
> Anyway, you get my point -- writing that conditional in Python or C looks
> more natural to people and so they prefer it to Scheme/Lisp on those narrow
> terms, forgetting what working in Scheme buys you (personally, I'm more
> productive in Scheme than any other language, and I've written code over a
> long career in most of them; Python is also a strong contender in the
> productivity dept., but there's a lot more to learn and keep in mind than
> with Scheme; it's a much more complex language, even though the code looks
> simple).

Um, I don't see a *HUGE* difference between:

if (x > 5)
   if-clause ...
   else-clause ...


(if (> x 5)

To *my* eyes they look very close (modulo the x > 5 vs. > x 5)

> /Don


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