Invoice reports

Christian Stimming christian at
Thu Nov 17 16:38:39 EST 2011

Am Donnerstag, 17. November 2011 schrieb Geert Janssens:
> GnuCash has currently 4 separate reports to produce an invoice:
> - Easy Invoice
> - Fancy Invoice
> - Printable Invoice
> - Tax Invoice (eguile)
> I can understand the tax invoice being created to introduce and experiment
> with e-guile based reports (which at first sight are much easier to
> understand and maintain than their none-e-guile based equivalents).
> But what's the story behind the other three ? They all seem to offer
> similar functionality, and only differ in some options. How come GnuCash
> ended up with three such reports ?

Well, the first reference to fancy-invoice.scm can be found in r8651, and the 
commit message says
     * src/business/business-reports/fancy-invoice.scm: a fancy invoice
    	  report, to show what else is possible.  It's not really useful per
    	  se, but it is another example for users.  To be useful it requires
    	  some custom editing.  Thanks to Oliver Jones for submitting the

I guess this reasoning lead to the addition of each of the additional invoice 

IMHO one report should have been sufficient. But removing one of them will for 
sure make some percentage of the users unhappy (temporarily). I don't see an 
easy solution for that as well.



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