OFX Bug Report

Martin Preuss martin at aqbanking.de
Wed Nov 23 13:22:33 EST 2011


Am 23.11.2011 02:47, schrieb Jesse Liesch:
> I received a report on my own forums that a gnucash user received a parsing error from gnucash when downloading data 
> from their bank.  I can provide more information if you like.

First let me thank you for your nice service which really fills a gap,
since the banks are not that forthcoming about their server details
(security by obscurity and stuff).

OFX DirectConnect is provided by AqBanking, and the corresponding setup
dialogs already use your service to retrieve server settings.

However, at some point the response format of your service changed (we
talked about that), so older versions of AqBanking (which still expected
the previous format) can't handle the current format.

All current AqBanking versions however correctly handle your responses.
I guess this could probably have been avoided by using some kind of
versioning scheme in the request/response definition of your service,
but at any rate, it works now with AqBanking ;-)

But if there are problems with recent versions of AqBanking I would of
course be very interested in details about that...


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