Scripting documentation

Hendrik Boom hendrik at
Wed Nov 30 15:06:46 EST 2011

OK. I've managed to compile gnucash and get it to pass its checks (except 
for the database back end, which I had excluded.

Now I'm ready to start prowling around looking for scripting API to 

Could someone tell me:

Is there any existing API documentation, either in the source tree (which 
now has lots of automatically generated files) or on the wiki (please let 
me know where -- it's a huge source tree).

Where are the source codes for the  scripting API -- both the X side and 
the Python/Scheme side(s).

So far I haven't found the rather extensive user documentation I'm used 
to seeing as a longtime gnucash user.  Is it in the source tree too?  Or 
somewhere else.  Do I have to use a different make target to gennerate it?

Anything else that might be useful?

-- hendrik

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