can not open xml-file on windows

Johannes Kapune listen at
Sat Oct 1 06:18:50 EDT 2011

Ho Colin,
yes I know, but in stable 2.4.7 I find only older versions ob aqhbci.


Am 29.09.2011 21:52, schrieb Colin Law:
> On 29 September 2011 14:46, Geert Janssens <janssens-geert at> wrote:
>> On donderdag 29 september 2011, Johannes Kapune wrote:
>>> Hi to all,
>>> before I open a new bug report I first ask here.
>>> On Vista I installed from
>>> 2.4.99 SVN r21359.
>>> I copied my xml file from 2.4.7 and try to open but I get an empty
>>> window. Next I make new accounts but after starting gnucash again I also
>>> get an empty window.
>>> I tried to file open and I get in header line the name but window left
>>> empty.
>>> It is my fault, or it is a bug? What can I do?
>> It is a bug:
>> Trunk currently can't open compressed data files.
>> I have been looking at the bug recently, but don't immediatly spot what's
>> wrong.
>> You can work around it by saving your data file uncompressed. For that, open
>> it with 2.4.7, uncheck Edit->Preferences->General->Compress files and save
>> your data file again.
> Johannes: Just pointing out, in case you did not realise, that you
> have built from the development source rather than the current stable
> release, which is 2.4.7.
> Colin

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