can not open xml-file on windows

Christian Stimming christian at
Mon Oct 3 15:17:37 EDT 2011

Am Samstag, 1. Oktober 2011 schrieb John Ralls:
> On Oct 1, 2011, at 3:18 AM, Johannes Kapune wrote:
> > Ho Colin,
> > yes I know, but in stable 2.4.7 I find only older versions ob aqhbci.
> So build a newer aqbanking and replace the shared library for your 2.4.7
> installation. Or build 2.4.7 from the tarball. Or the 2.4 branch from SVN.
> There's no reason to inflict the trunk on yourself.

Note that in this case the user has communicated very clearly what the problem 
is, and also what he can do by himself and what he can't (on the gnucash-de 
list and also here). He needs a new feature of aqbanking (to communicate with 
some updated bank protocols), which requires a new version of aqbanking 
compared to the one we ship in the gnucash-2.4.7 windows build. I refused to 
rebuild the old gnucash branch with a newer aqbanking because I expect some 
problems that I won't discover and/or won't be able to fix. Instead I 
suggested to use the gnucash branch that is being compiled with the newest 
aqbanking regularly (and tested, by myself), which happens to be trunk. Hence 
the user knows to expect some limitations due to trunk development policy, but 
his feature request is so important for him that he is going to bear with it.

There isn't any problem for us in this. It's just the normal story of new 
features in not-yet-stable software.



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