Account Selection in Issue Transaction Broken

Johannes Kapune listen at
Sun Oct 9 15:13:27 EDT 2011

Hallo Rainer,

Am 09.10.2011 20:56, schrieb Rainer Dorsch:
> Hello,
> when I issue a HBCI transaction
> 	Actions -> Online Actions -> Issue Transaction
> in the online banking transaction window, in the "Transfer To" part, I cannot 
> see sub-subaccounts of my income and expenses accounts.

I stumbled of this a few times and when I read here I rmember, but in my
case I can't see only some of my subaccounts.

> I am running aqbanking 2.4.7 on Debian Testing.
2.4.7 on openSUSE

> Is that a know problem? If not, what data do I need to provide to make a 
> bugreport useful.
I think a bugreport will be best. I try then to add some more
informations - if I can find out
> Thanks,
> Rainer

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