Tax time

Stephen Holland M.D. sholland at
Tue Oct 11 16:57:57 EDT 2011

Hey, getting ready for tax time got a little tedious. I imported my transactions from quicken a few months ago, and things were OK. I started to look into tax reports and found the process for assigning tax items was tedious.  I find that I have to open the tax report edit menu item, select an account, select the tax related checkbox, select the tas line that is relevant, then click on OK. When I OK then the window closes and I repeat.  Is this right? I should be able to click an account then click a tax line, then click another account and another tax line, and so on, to get through the list.

Kudo's however, for the report that lists what tax form line is relevant to each tax form category name, and the history of year by year.  That is a nice touch.

Steve Holland, KD4TTC

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