Invoices broken in SVN HEAD?

Mike Evans mikee at
Sat Oct 15 04:33:07 EDT 2011

On Friday 14 Oct 2011 16:03:02 Geert Janssens wrote:
> On woensdag 12 oktober 2011, Mike Evans wrote:
> > System: Fedora 14.
> > 
> > Creating a new invoice in SVN appears to be broken.
> > Steps to reproduce:
> > Create a new invoice, assign an owner and a job.
> > Fill in the fields for description, hours, rate,  qty.
> > While the line is still current the correct values are shown in the
> > Subtotal. Tab or enter to next line, the subtotal is blank and the
> > invoice status values are all zero.
> > 
> > Same when adding another line.
> Ok, this should be fixed as of r21418.
> Note that if you saved invoices (or more precisely invoice entries) with
> the faulty GnuCash versions, you will have to remove these entries and
> recreate them. They are corrupted in the data file and have to be
> replaced. The invoice objects are fine, it's just the invoice entries.
> Geert

Good now.  No real invoices were harmed during testing.
Mike E

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