John Ralls jralls at
Mon Oct 24 12:49:25 EDT 2011

>   1. r21483 - gnucash/trunk/src/optional/gtkmm - [Gtkmm] Add
>      gnc::GncInstance as wrapper for QofInstance, to be used as a base
>      class for the derived qof classes. (Christian Stimming)
>   2. r21484 - gnucash/trunk - [Gtkmm] For unittests we only need
>      glibmm, not gtkmm. (Christian Stimming)
>   3. r21485 - gnucash/trunk - [Cutecash] Prepare cutecash for
>      integration of the glibmm wrappers of the engine objects.
>      (Christian Stimming)


You're getting *way* ahead of me here. The engine classes aren't implemented correctly as GObjects, so they're not suitable for wrapping with glibmm, and while QofInstance is, the way it interdepends with QofBook is bad. As part of rewriting engine to be correctly implemented GObjects, a lot of QOF (QofClass, QofObject, and QofEvent so far) will go away -- but I'm months away from even starting on that, and it will probably be 2 years before the branch can be merged back into trunk unless I get some help. 

Even then it won't be done, though, because I don't think QOF is going to work as an object-relational map, so the class structure may well change some more to move the querying into the back ends and to do most of the computations with queries (because the only objects in memory will be the ones currently displayed).

John Ralls

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