GSoC Android proposal

Colin Law clanlaw at
Mon Apr 9 10:56:25 EDT 2012

On 9 April 2012 15:48, AshokR <ashok at> wrote:
> Hi Muslim et al,
> One possibility you might want to consider is the open source Apache Cordova
> (formerly PhoneGap) framework. See
> the supported platforms/devices here.
> 1. Single code base - multiple platforms/devices. However, a different build
> environment for each device.
> 2. The user interface is written in standards compliant
> HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript. Not in native Objective C or Java.
> 3. Can also support the tablets and other phones, if needed.
> We can limit the scope of this GSoC project to Android phones only. But
> gives us the option to support Symbian or other devices, in future.

Definitely that approach should be very seriously considered.  It
provides a much more flexible foundation for the future.


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