Python bindings by default

jamie campbell jamie at
Thu Apr 12 15:54:44 EDT 2012

(As per request I've moved this from the user list to devel list)

On 12-04-10 02:27 PM, Wm Tarr wrote:
> On 2012-04-10 00:39, jamie campbell wrote:
>> I am currently working on this (and I've read the other replies to 
>> the thread by eg Derek and John for hints).  We have a client who 
>> needs it to be done, so, we may need to do a locally patched version 
>> or some such until/unless it makes it into the canonical GnuCash 
>> branch (Derek mentions in another post that inclusion in 2.6 is a 
>> maybe, which implies definitely not 2.4).  I've refreshed myself on 
>> it via running the built-in tests in 
>> /src/optional/python-bindings/tests, and I'll also be submitting 
>> patches to get the example scripts functional again as needed (eg 
>> was broken and I've fixed it).  If 
>> ParIT needs to (hopefully temporarily or semi-temporarily) do a 
>> non-canonical build for it, we can make it available for download.  
>> But, I don't want to step on official GnuCash toes any more than is 
>> needed.
>> Anyway, I'll post more info as it becomes available, will likely take 
>> some time...
> I'm working on this too.  Which python are you aiming to use?  I 'd 
> guess 2.7 (that is the one I'm aiming for anyway).

Yes, 2.7 is also what I'm aiming for.

> Are you using
> as your base because I'm finding some bits of that aren't working and 
> I'm considering a re-write using cygwin rather than mingw as it may 
> make things easier for Win folks to follow.
> If you've got further that "almost automated build" I'd be interested 
> in sharing experiences with you.

At the moment I'm shoring up the linux side {well, technically, the 
OS-independent side, but I'm doing it on linux}.  Right now, I'm working 
with a subset of the example scripts, getting them working correctly, to 
give myself a decently thorough "testing/verification" base from which 
to work when I get to the Windows side of things.

Thus, you're farther ahead than I am with the actual windows building 
side.  When I get to the windows side I'll give the instructions in the 
provided link a go to see if it hits me with the same problems as you're 

> P.S.  Should we not be having this conversation in -devel ?

transition done..


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