Backport policy; was: svn - git sync stopped working ?

Frank H. Ellenberger frank.h.ellenberger at
Fri Aug 10 03:49:46 EDT 2012

Am 05.08.2012 15:46, schrieb Geert Janssens:
> Hi Frank,
> Which commits do you think should get backported ?

After a long busy time I remembered my passphrase. ;-)
When I watched, I saw warlord backporting his change, while
your Changeset 22277 is only in trunk.

So I was unsure for my change, but in between I backported it and John
improved it.

> My general rule of thumb for backporting is: if the patch fixes a bug
> reported by a user in the stable release, then backport it, otherwise
> it's for the next major release.

Sounds OK to me.

> I don't know if we will do another 2.4.x release. It depends on when we
> plan for 2.6. Until now, nothing has been formally decided yet.

The wiki section in Release Schedule is a good idea.

> Geert


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