Gnucash for Android beta1 release

Manfred Usselmann usselmann.m at
Tue Aug 14 08:43:23 EDT 2012


Hi Ngewi, 

when I tried to store the first transaction the app
abended and now it does it immediately when I try to open it without any
specific error message ('"Gnucash" wurde leider beendet.' -->
'Unfortunately "Gnucash" was terminated.'). Any idea what the issue
might be or how I can find out? 


Am 14.08.2012 13:32,
schrieb Ngewi Fet: 

> Hello everyone,
> We are in the final lap of GSOC
2012. The soft pencils-down date was
> yesterday and the hard deadline
is next Monday.
> Now is the time to iron out some more bugs.
> The
first beta release of Gnucash for Android is now available.
> It
contains numerous bug fixes since the last alpha and introduces a new
dark ActionBar theme.
> You need to uninstall any previous alpha
releases before installing this
> version. You can grab it here:
> Note that this is still a test version, Not suitable for
production use.
> There will be more betas coming before the final
> Looking forward to your feedback!
> Cheers,
> Ngewi
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