Gnucash for Android beta1 release

David Carlson carlson.dl at
Mon Aug 20 18:10:48 EDT 2012

On 8/20/2012 3:34 PM, Ngewi Fet wrote:
> Hi David,
> From what you describe, you don't need a tutorial :). You did
> everything right.
> I could always export successfully with Gmail. I also just configured
> a yahoo account and tested again and I can get the file ok. So there
> must be something going wrong with the sending in your email client.
> The file is sent with plain xml mime type, so there should be no
> problems there. Try with another mail client and see if you get the
> same problem.
> Cheers,
> Ngewi
> On Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 5:49 PM, David Carlson
> <carlson.dl at <mailto:carlson.dl at>> wrote:
>     On 8/20/2012 8:41 AM, Ngewi Fet wrote:
>     (snip)
>     Hi Ngewi,
>     I think that I need a tutorial.  I installed the beta to my Samsung
>     Rugby II Android phone with no problem, accepted the default
>     income and
>     expense accounts, entered a test transaction with no problem, but
>     when I
>     tried to export the file had a problem.
>     I chose the sharefile option which led me to use one of my email
>     accounts to send an email.  I chose to send to another of my accounts.
>     That worked, but the email that arrived at my computer did not
>     appear to
>     have an attachment, either in my yahoo webmail page or in my local
>     Thunderbird after it was downloaded.  From Thunderbird, at least,
>     I was
>     able to view the raw message.  I found that there was an attachment in
>     base64 with the following header(s):
>     --00504502e1a9d1e41804c7b3e07e
>     Content-Type: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1
>     <p>Gnucash accounts export from 2012.08.20 10:06</p>
>     <p>Sent from my Android - David </p>
>     --00504502e1a9d1e41804c7b3e07e--
>     --00504502e1a9d1e41e04c7b3e081
>     Content-Type: multipart/xml; name="20120820_1005_gnucash_all.ofx"
>     Content-Disposition: attachment;
>     filename="20120820_1005_gnucash_all.ofx"
>     Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
>     X-Attachment-Id: 1410833030125479060-1
>     Can you tell me why the attachment is not accessible in my email
>     program?
>     David C
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>     gnucash-devel mailing list
>     gnucash-devel at <mailto:gnucash-devel at>
Sorry for the delay, I needed to re-install my email program to fix it
to send from my yahoo account.

That worked, and the ofx file appears nicely in Thunderbird without
needing to look at the raw text or save the attachment, although I
probably do need to save it to import into GnuCash.

However, right after that success I repeated sending it via gmail
directly from the Android ap and the attachment is still invisible and
not identified by any icon in att/yahoo webmail or in Thunderbird.  I
will next try sending a file saved to my SD card and see what happens.

David C
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