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Tue Aug 21 11:01:43 EDT 2012

I propose the current git wiki[1] be edited. Right now it says "If you have a
Github account, it turns out that Github's "fork" feature doesn't play well
with the Gnucash repository because of its unusual structure (which in turn
is needed to synch it with subversion)." This doesn't make it clear that
forking is ok in some circumstances.[2]

And if I'm understanding things, I should be able to:
    clone (my personal fork)
    git branch -t master refs/remotes/origin/trunk
    git branch working
    <write code>
    git rebase master working
    git format-patch
    git push -u origin master

Is this correct? If so, I think the wiki could be cleaned up and simplified
a bit. As is, the 'Set-Up' and 'Patches' sections give conflicting steps and
are overall confusing, e.g., Set-Up says 
    git branch -t master refs/remotes/origin/trunk
    git format-patch origin/trunk..master

but 'Patches' says
    git checkout trunk
    git branch working-trunk
    git format-patch trunk

My suggestion is to have 'Basic (GitHub) Set-Up' and 'Advance (Non GitHub)
Set-Up' sections to accommodate the cloning differences, i.e.,
    git clone git://
    git remote add myname-github <remote server>:myname/gnucash.git

    git clone (just list HTTPS assuming
those who want SSH will already know how to do it)

And then have a 'Contributing Code' section beginning with branching
instructions. *OR* to make it even simpler, just list everything for a
GitHub setup first and at the end add a note for those who don't use GitHub
to clone and 'git remote add'.


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