Gnucash for Android beta1 release

Ngewi Fet ngewif at
Wed Aug 22 15:56:08 EDT 2012


> Hi,
> I think that I have some useful information to add.
> First, my phone is a Samsung Rugby smart with Android 2.3.6 OS.
Secondly, it seems that the GMail ap on this phone is only able to take
> attachments from the"Gallery", whatever that is, but it seems to be
> pictures only and does not include the Gnucash folder on the SD card.  This
> probably explains why GnuCash files sent through the Android Gmail ap
> appear to be mal-formed.
Yes, you cannot pick a file from the SD card and attach to an email through
the Gmail app. But applications can do this in the API by adding a stream
extra to the intent.

> Thirdly, If I use the standard Android email ap, everything works fine.
> Thus, I would generally recommend only using the standard Android email ap.
> Fourthly, I have not activated nor investigated the myATT ap that my
> provider wants me to use.
> Penultimately, Yahoo webmail still seems to be unable to show raw text of
> any message.
Yahoo seems to be the culprit here. Live mail (Hotmail)  and Gmail work
fine for me. However, with yahoo, I can see there is an attachment, but
cannot download it through the web interface.

I think I found a fix though. When I set the mime type to application/xml
instead of multipart/xml, it seems to work jut fine in yahoo web interface.
I guess it would work too in all clients. Just a bit more testing and I
then I'd commit it.
Thanks for bringing up the issue and following up with more information.

> Lastly, Thunderbird sometimes hides attachments, but it has an add-on
> called Show All Body Parts (I kid you not!) that is supposed to make
> mal-formed attachments visible.  However, it still fails on GnuCash
> messages sent through the Gmail ap by this phone.  Gmail webmail is able to
> identify the attachment sent by the Android Gmail ap and decode the base64
> and save the OFX file correctly from the web page.  I have compared the raw
> text of the message from the Android Gmail ap in both the Gmail Webmail and
> the Thunderbird raw text and found that everything after the header was
> exactly identical.
> David C

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