Question in regard to OFX 1.0.2 or 1.0.3

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Sun Dec 9 13:45:47 EST 2012


Am 08.12.2012 21:39, schrieb David Reiser:
> gnucash 2.4.11 with aqbanking 5.0.23 sends "VERSION:102" in the request header. I believe version 1.0.2 has been the one used by aqbanking since the first time OFX was included.
>  There is a Client UID field in the OFX DirectConnect setup in aqbanking. If there were an out-of-band way for a customer to establish a unique Client UID and then enter it in the aqbanking setup, it should work. I believe that if a value is entered in the aqbanking Client UID field, that value and its tag are sent at the appropriate place in the OFX connection initiation.
> As Martin hinted, there is precious little (nothing?) in the way of documentation for the in-band establishment of Client UID as is done in Quicken via some OFX connection dialog. If I'm understanding the description of ClientUID, that field is used to recognize a given instance of software which can be paired with user authentication to further guard against fraud. I don't think ClientUID is intended as user authentication on its own. But the OFX standard is frequently  hard for me to understand, and especially so for the ClientUID addition.

Yes, and there is also a setting for the header version (currently 102,
but it can be changed to whatever appropriate).

I have no idea what this ClientUID really is used for and how it can be
obtained. If this is a special thing introduced by Intuit and which
isn't well enough documented then I guess there is no way for us to
retrieve such an ID...

However, a bank which uses this mechanism should have this information,
and maybe someone is inclined to share it with me... ;-)


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