For The Love Of Bitcoin

karmicads at karmicads at
Wed Feb 1 13:31:23 EST 2012

Hello GNUCash Devs, 

I would like to put forward a feature request
to hopefully be included in a future version of GNUCash. 

I have been
an avid bitcoin enthusiast from the early days of bitcoin. Incase you
are unaware, bitcoin 

is a digital crypto-curency and one of the
hottest burgoning technologies on the internet. Bitcoin enables 

to transact in a digital medium of exchange, without the services of a
trusted middle man, using 

bitcoin client software on a peer to peer

Bitcoin is, I feel confident, a real game changer and puts
the currency back in the hands of the people. 

It is also carefully
designed to increase in value as the rate of production tapers off to a
fixed target of 

21000000 bitcoins. That is all the bitcoins that will
ever be made. 

While GNUCash is a very sophisticated and professional
accounting application, it seems to lack the 

features for handling
this revolutionary currency. The conventional banks and government

have been all too slow to adopt modern information technology
and rather than adapt their methods 

to suit modern technology and
consumer needs, they have floundered and only adopted computers as

tools to suit their outmoded systems. Governments meanwhile, have
allowed our currencies to be 

gutted of value and bludgeoned to death
with complacency and stupidity. Their benefactors always 

ruthless corporate tyrants, who mercilessly manipulate politicians and
markets, at such scales 

of power, that nobody can touch them. 

days of needing intermediary institutions to handle our financial
dealings are just about gone now. 

The times are changing and the fiat
based economy is listing and pitching in the high seas of modern

technology. Bitcoin sits on the precipice of this timely revolution,
offering the average person the chance 

to take back the night and
usher in the universal medium of exchange that knows no national

and can´t be subverted by a tiny minority of greedy tyrants
and their political goons. Bitcoin is a 

universal medium of exchange
and a convenient store of value that can emancipate our financial

liberty and restore money to it´s optimum roll as a tool for public

Needles to say, I would like to be able to do my accounting for
bitcoin, in the same manner that I can 

do it for regular fiat based
currency. GNUCash being firstly a digital accountanct application that

service a digital currency, to a much greater degree, than it
even can for fiat currency. Secondly 

GNUCash is, like bitcoin, an open
source initiative that benefits from free public participation and

mutual voluntary cooperation. As such, the developer team must
appreciate open standards and the 

role of consensus and community
involvement that both projects depend upon to flourish. 

I submit to
you emphatically, that GNUCash would be the exemplar of positive social
change in the 

area of financial management software, if it were to
adopt bitcoin and allow it to be incorporated into 

the workings of
GNUCash as intimately as possible. As a currency of choice and a global
medium of 

exchange, bitcoin stands as the quintessential technological
revolution in currency, finance and liberty. 

I implore you to give
bitcoin pride of place and put GNUCash at the forefront of this
inevitable revolution. 

Regards Karmicads.

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