Invoice printing, table formatting.

Mike Evans mikee at
Fri Feb 3 10:53:21 EST 2012

Hi all

In an effort to improve the look of the printable invoice I've
changed some of the table setting in invoice.scm near line 707 to:

	   table "table"
	   'attribute (list "border" 1)
	   'attribute (list "cellspacing" 0)  
     	'attribute (list "STYLE=\"border-collapse: collapse;\"") 
	'attribute (list "cellpadding" 2))

which, on screen, removes the double line table border.  It's the
"border-collapse" bit that's important here.  However, on printing to
actual paper I still don't get nice thin hard line cell borders.  My
question is why and where during the printing process does the
formatting get altered? 

Exporting to html and subsequent printing from a
browser retains the correct formatting.

Mike E

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