Invoice & payment import script

Reuben Cummings reubano at
Mon Feb 20 03:51:29 EST 2012

>> I wasn't aware of an api. Where would I find out how to convert my scripts
>> to use the api? I found
>> is that the
>> best
>> source?
> There is unfortunately little information on this. Basically most of the
> non-
> gui functions are exported via the api. A good starting point to get an idea
> of the available functions can be found in the doxygen information on the
> engine (which is roughly the name used by the GnuCash developers to refer to
> the API). As a general rule of thumb, most of the functions of the engine
> module will also be available to you in python, but will probably have to be
> called in a more python-like way.
> At the bottom of the page you already found are some additional links that
> can
> be helpful.
> One of the most interesting things for you is probably the in-python help of
> the two gnucash python modules
>>>> import gnucash.gnucash_core
>>>> import gnucash.gnucash_business
>>>> help(gnucash.gnucash_core)
>>>> help(gnucash.gnucash_business)
> The (limited) wiki page on python bindings can be helpful as well:
> (it's where I found a link to the above import/help statements)
> And the python bindings come with a number of example scripts to get you
> started.
> And if you learn something on the way that isn't documented, by all means
> feel
> free to add to the existing documentation so others can benefit from it as
> well. The wiki page is likely the easiest to edit by non-C programmers.
> Geert

Great, thanks!

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