Invoice Importer

Reuben Cummings reubano at
Mon Feb 20 04:18:38 EST 2012

>> So, upon further usage I can't get the importer to work as expected.
>> Importing bills works fine but when importing invoices, I get the
>> error "ROW DELETED, VENDOR_DOES_NOT_EXIST: id=00001". Since 'id' is
>> the invoice number, I don't understand the error. I even changed the
>> invoice number to match the id of an existing vendor and still get the
>> same error.
> Field 1 = invoice number.  Field 3 vendor ID, it should match *exactly*
> the vendor ID, (since it's a text match), check leading decimal places.

vendor ID (i.e. customer ID) does match because after the import, the
correct customer name appears. I am getting somewhere though because
if I use a customer ID that also happens to be a valid vendor ID,
there is no error and all the line items import. However, if I have a
customer ID that does not also exist as a vendor ID, the error
reappears and only the even line items import.

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