Git Migration: github with svn access

Christian Stimming christian at
Tue Feb 21 15:28:50 EST 2012

Am Dienstag, 21. Februar 2012, 12:20:06 schrieb Andy Clayton:
> Thanks for the update. I tried getting gnucash to build on windows 7 in a
> virtualbox VM so I could look into this and other issues, but performace
> was horrible. Configuring and compiling a single dependency took hours.
> Apparently this is somewhat expected even without the VM because fork isn't
> cheap on windows, but I am wondering what others have found. Are things any
> better with the official vmware builder? Or has anyone tried and had better
> luck with KVM instead of virtualbox? I have also read that Windows 7 may
> have msys performance issues, so I am not entirely sure what to change
> first. Or maybe avoiding it all and cross compiling is the best answer.

Dear Andy,

yes, the performance during compiling with msys on windows is indeed horrible. 
Yes, this used to take hours literally, so I assume it isn't too unusual what 
you see here.

Cross-compiling for windows on a linux host (mingw cross compiler) is 
surprisingly much much faster. However, not all of the dependencies can be 
cross-compiled, if I recall correctly.

I don't think it's a kvm vs. virtualbox issue. Nevertheless the performance of 
msys might indeed be even worse on windows 7, compared to Windows XP or 
similar. I don't know any details here, though.



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