Bug 666329 should block release of 2.4.9

Derek Atkins derek at ihtfp.com
Mon Jan 2 20:53:58 EST 2012

On Mon, January 2, 2012 8:31 pm, John Ralls wrote:
> On Jan 2, 2012, at 4:53 PM, Derek Atkins wrote:
>> Um,
>> Why is the autosave even kicking in with a SQL backend?  There's no need
>> for it.  If we're using SQL, autosave should not even run.
>>> Also, I think that the autosave function should be
>>> moved out of gnome-utils into backend/xml, since it isn't really
>>> appropriate for the SQL backends which are supposed to save everything
>>> as
>>> part of a commitEdit.
> I think we agree there...
> I guess the reason it's kicking is is that something marks the book dirty
> (which starts the timer) and the SQL backend doesn't mark the book clean
> when it commits, so the timer doesn't get stopped.

That sounds like the bug there -- why is the SQL backend not marking the
book clean after it commits?  What is being marked dirty?

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> John Ralls


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