iPad 2 app - please?

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Mon Jan 2 21:14:18 EST 2012

I hate to the barer (spelling?) of bad news, but someone has already
asked this question. The general consenous was that not only is
GnuCash built on technologies mostly supported by other operating
systems, but iOS is a completely different beast and would require a
completely new code base.

The sad part is that (being a budding accountant myself) I have
searched and NOT found any really quality apps for the iPad that are
(in and of themselves) good standalone accounting applications. An
online article I read basically suggested that it wasn't a really good
idea to do all your accounting on the iPad. I beg to differ. "iOS" is
one of the most stable and reliable operating systems for such a task.
Not only does it "sandbox" each application, thus preventing a vast
bastion of malicious attacks, but it's GUI and development api is very
attractive and allows for some very innovative programming.

On a side note ... the main problem I find with (manY) accounting
software (GnuCash does a pretty good job at this) is being able to
enter a transaction into the register with almost no effort. I find
even the "big boys" like QuickBooks, etc. have a difficult time
creating a piece of software that can streamline the entry process. I
would even like to see an application that allows you to "queue up"
entries for later review so that the accounting process doesn't stop
because of the fact that a single entry lacks certain criteria.

Let me explain in English. Say for example you spend $75 for a company
dinner in which you entertain some potential business clients. At the
top of your brain is everything having to do with the big deal you're
about to pull off, not what accounts this should go under in your
books. So for example, instead of getting your receipt, identifying
the right account it should go under (two accounts), debiting one,
crediting the other, etc. --- you would simple identify one account,
pull out your iPad, enter $75 for an amount, maybe a tag like "dinner"
(which should NOT be required, just optional) and then hit "queue"
this would create a "special" account in which you have transactions
that are NOT complete, but waiting to be completed. With this method,
you know A) how much the transaction was for, B) what is was for and
C) that you are supposed to complete it! "C" is the most important
innovation here. It helps you bridge the gap between being extremely
focused on your point of business and reminding yourself in a
roundabout way that you have to take care of a number of transactions
in your Queue.

Now, back to the iPad or iPhone. The beauty of porting over or
re-creating GnuCash into iOS is that it streamlines the entry process
already by allowing you to touch your way to an entry instead of
entering it on a machine that has 500 other applications running that
might interfere or possibly harm your company's books.

Having said this, take a look at "Ledger" in the app store. It's an
accounting application that does basic double-entry. The thing I don't
like about Ledger is that it forces you to entry both sides of your
transaction. As I noted in the previous paragraph, I want an
application that will allow me to QUICKLY "jot down" part of a
transaction so I know I have to do it and I know how much it's for and
what's it's for. I don't want to be caught up in the heat of the
moment and accidentally put the amount in a wrong account or be
wasting time starring at my iPad while there's guests at the table.
Yes, I could just keep the receipt, but if I have note of it on an
application, that helps me keep track of what I need to do ... farther
more it's almost complete and already in the application I will be
using to "account" for my business transactions. If I were to use
"Notes" for example, that means I have to go to the trouble of
coyping/pasting etc. That's just complicating things.

Anyhow, (deep breath). There's the mental logic I have on this matter.

On Mon, Jan 2, 2012 at 7:49 PM, Nick Kemp [via GnuCash]
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> I am a big gnucash fan – however, I would really love to have an ipad app...
> please?
> I am sure most users would be more than happy to pay for it too!
> i.e. lets say the average for a useful/serious app. of maybe £2.49 –would
> surely go a long way to helping you with the development.
> Just a thought!
>                 Kind regards, Nick
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