sed.exe crash (Re: 2.4.9)

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Thu Jan 12 12:55:11 EST 2012

"Derek Atkins" <derek at> writes:

> Christian,
>> Hm... I wonder whether my recent addition of git might have triggered this
>> one? Maybe the git package comes with some DLL in its bin directory which
>> cause sed.exe to crash. I'll remove git from the build (so that
>> subsequently
>> its bin directory isn't in the PATH anymore) and maybe this helps...
> I don't know.. I didn't check to see where sed.exe was in the path.
> When was git added?  Has there been a successful trunk build since it was
> added?

FYI, Last night's build of trunk succeeded, so if you did remove git
then that must've been the cause.

>> Regards,
>> Christian
> -derek


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