Longer term projects

Phil Longstaff phil.longstaff at yahoo.ca
Thu Jan 12 14:29:16 EST 2012

I hadn't seen GSettings before.  Interesting.  I had come up with gnc_prefs object system which seems to work in a similar manner to GSettings.  GSettings also allows alternate backends, so we can somewhat transparently have different sets of settings (global, per-file, per-user, per-user-per-file) with a common API.

It was introduced in 2.26.  Is that too new for all of our supported platforms?

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Op donderdag 12 januari 2012 05:51:45 schreef Phil Longstaff:
> There are a number of longer term projects, among them Gtk3 and engine
> cleanup.  I've been distracted by other matters but can now devote some
> time to Gnucash.  From what I can tell, John Ralls has been pushing the
> engine work (unit testing, converting to real gobjects).  Geert (I think)
> has been converting to GtkBuilder which I assume is part of the gtk3 work.
>  Where would I be most useful?  I do have a few specific itches to scratch,
> mostly around budgetting, but want to help with the infrastructure changes
> as well.
> Phil
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My focus so far is on several aspects:
- Gtk3 migrations and more generally trying to get rid of a lot of deprecated 
functions (glib/gtk/gnome/...). The old legacy starts to act up more and more 
on recent distributions.
- Better integration of business features with the rest of GnuCash. This 
mostly involves GUI work at this point. I try to modify the engine objects as 
little as possible for now, until there's a more clear path for 

I have the intention to look deeper into the guile 2.0 issues as well, but due 
to other occupations I didn't have much opportunities to do so yet.

You are free to help in any of these areas.

Your other projects sound good to me as well:
- Improving the budget code
- Better preferences system (have you looked at the new GSettings interface 
already ? I haven't in detail, but it seems to me as if this is to be Gnome's 
answer to the multiplatform issues of gconf).

You may also want to check on reported bugs against the sql backend. You wrote 
most of it, so you probably are best positioned to understand the causes.

But whatever you choose, welcome back !


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