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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue Jan 17 11:45:23 EST 2012


Libero <liberort at> writes:

> If I find "Gian Marco Camoni" on Google the first result is my old post (2008) for a bug on gnu-cash.
> Please delete the post because I don't want appear with my real name on Google.
> The link is:
> Regards
> Gian Marco Camoni

I'm afraid that the project cannot do that.  Messages sent to the public
list are just that -- public.  Moreso, they don't control all the
archives of the list, so even if they COULD remove it from one it would
remain in all the other archives all over the world.  I'm sorry, but
it's just not possible.

Even worse, you will now find *TWO* instances where it matches, because
it will match this new message that you just sent as well.



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