Building gnucash on Ubuntu 12.04 Alpha

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Sun Jan 22 16:56:56 EST 2012

Op zondag 22 januari 2012 20:26:43 schreef Colin Law:
> > The stable version warning is really written for trunk, and 2.4.4 was
> > the last release made from trunk before we branched 2.4 so we could
> > work on other stuff in trunk. Not that anyone has bothered to update
> > the message in trunk, either...
> It might be better if the section about specific versions was just
> removed, then it would not have to be maintained :)
I found that a useful suggestion, so I made such a change in trunk. I won't do 
this in 2.4 to avoid any unnecessary changes in translated strings. I have 
updated the message to show 2.4.9 though in the 2.4 branch.


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