GnuCash website in German

Cristian Marchi cri79 at
Tue Jan 24 08:46:57 EST 2012

Thanks Johannes for your offer but at the moment I'm going thru some 
rewording of the web pages thanks to David that reported some 
improvements. My work is not finished yet so the risk is that if I send 
you a updated po file it will probably change in the next couple of 
weeks. So I suggest you to wait until I'm finished with the 
modifications, if it's ok for you.

PS I also CC this message to the devel list so that others are aware of 
what's happening.


Il 24/01/2012 07:23, Johannes Kapune ha scritto:
> Hello Cristian,
> I recognized that some of the german website is now in english 
> language again. Please sent me actual po file for translation.
> Thanks in advanced
> Johannes
> .

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