Google Summer of Code 2012?

Christian Stimming christian at
Thu Jan 26 15:25:15 EST 2012

Am Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2012, 05:51:06 schrieb AshokR:
> Google Summer
> of Code 2012 should be announced soon . Are we planning to apply? Project
> ideas? I can help with the application.

I'm interested. I'm not yet completely sure about my time budget this summer, 
but I think it's just a very great opportunity to work with motivated students 
and get something interesting going.

I'm probably available as a mentor. I wouldn't like to be the main project 
administrator again - somebody else? Also, who might be interested in 
mentoring some work here?

More information about  the project and what the expectations are can be found 
here [1] [2].

Best Regards,



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