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Mon Jul 9 18:02:32 EDT 2012

Hello everyone,
I have a question about OFX which I am implementing for Gnucash Mobile for
Android and
I need help from anyone more experienced with OFX.

I export the transactions from the app as bank statement transactions. In
OFX, this means the
accounts which the user creates in the app are treated as bank accounts.
Bank accounts
do not have any names defined in the OFX schema, only bank ID and account
ID. Gnucash on
the other hand supports descriptive account names and so forth. I also see
that there are "Cash Accounts" in Gnucash,
but I cannot find any analogous accounts in the OFX standard. Am I missing
something here?

When importing the OFX file with transactions into Gnucash, it always asks
you to create a new account
into which to import the transactions. It correctly identifies that there
are multiple accounts and requires you to create an account in Gnucash
(or select an existing one) into which to import the transactions from the
account for each of the accounts from the file.
Ideally, I would like Gnucash to simply create the corresponding new
accounts to those defined the exported OFX and import the transactions for
each of the accounts accordingly. Is this possible?

Does anyone know how I can best export OFX so that Gnucash automatically
picks up both
the accounts and the transactions within those accounts? Thanks.

Attached is a sample file produced by the OFX exporter at the moment.

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