Gnucash Mobile alpha release

Graham Menhennitt graham at
Tue Jul 10 17:09:23 EDT 2012

On 10/07/2012 22:29, Ngewi Fet wrote:
> Hi Graham,
> On Tue, Jul 10, 2012 at 12:50 PM, Graham Menhennitt 
> <graham at <mailto:graham at>> wrote:
>     On 09/07/2012 20:44, Ngewi Fet wrote:
>         The Gnucash for Android app is now ready for a small alpha
>         release. The
>         app supports android versions from Froyo 2.2 (API level 8) and
>         above.
>     I downloaded it to my Galaxy Tab 10.1 and installed it without
>     problems. I can enter transactions and export to OFX (although I
>     haven't tried importing the file yet). But I can't get to the
>     Settings in either the main screen or an account screen - should I
>     be able to? Also, it's recording amounts in GBP (£) whereas I want
>     to use AUD ($). Is that a locale thing on the device or is that a
>     program setting? I can't find anywhere to change it in the Android
>     settings.
> Importing an OFX file is not supported. Don't bother trying. :)
I meant importing the file generated by Mobile into Gnucash on my 
desktop (to check that it's valid).
> No you shouldn't be able to get to the Settings screen (not yet). But 
> you should be able to view the list of accounts and list of transactions.
That's what i guessed.
> The currency currently derives from the phone locale, but I plan to 
> make that user-changeable in the future.
> I also do not think you can change it in Android individually, you can 
> only change the whole system locale.
Ok, that's what I expected. But I can't find how to change the device's 
locale. It looks like I need to install an app (e.g. 
to change it which seems very strange.


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