GnucashMobile for Android License

Ngewi Fet ngewif at
Thu Jul 12 05:07:16 EDT 2012

Hi everyone,
It occurred to that I did not discuss this on this list.
*[Disclaimer: IANAL, if anything I'm saying here is incorrect, please call
me out]*

Basically, when I started coding, I just licensed GnucashMobile using the
same license as the Gnucash (GPLv2 or later).
Should I leave this as-is, or would the Apache License v2 be more

The Apache license is not compatible with GPL v1 and 2, but is
compatible with GPLv3. (GPLv3 is a subset of APLv2) [1]
However, Apache is the license used by Android Open Source project [2] and
a lot or other Android libraries and apps.

GPL is used quite a bit too [3] and is the license of Gnucash itself:
anyone who modifies the code must share the modifications.
>From my (limited) observations, a lot of the GPL apps are ports from the
desktop versions. But GnucashMobile is not a port.

Personally, I prefer the Apache version 2 license as it seems to be the
preferred open source license for Android libraries
and applications.

So what say you?



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