Help with OFX in Gnucash

Benoit Grégoire benoitg at
Thu Jul 12 17:38:37 EDT 2012

> > * Support an account having multiple ids (and a simple gui to manage it).
> > Note that the account id can be any 22 caracters,and are displayed to the
> > user
> > at account matching, so there is nothing stopping you from having them
> > meaningfull in you mobile app, as long as they no longer change once
> > defined.
> > 
> > I think this is the best solution at the moment having in mind time and
> complexity limitations stated above. And this is what Ngewi actually come
> up with. Moreover, once account is matched every subsequent transaction
> imports from the same account will be recognized by GnuCash and matched
> automatically.

Ok, I just read the planning document.  With your current scope (recording 
cash expenses) that will indeed work just fine.

For future scope (should there be any) it has the drawback (as someone pointed 
out) of not allowing the accounts involved to also be used for online banking.  
Admittedly that's primarily a Gnucash problem.

It will become a practical problem if one want's to use the mobile app to 
record a transaction that would be unclear from a credit card statement.  But 
that would require also require modeling both accounts of the transaction 
anyway (and representing it as a transfer in OFX).

For now you should just stick with what you have.
Benoit Grégoire, ing., PMP, PSM

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