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Derek Atkins derek at
Wed Jun 6 17:07:57 EDT 2012


On Wed, June 6, 2012 10:06 am, Nebojša wrote:
> I have problem with Serbian language in Gnucash, it won't work.
> Is there a way to download Serbian language file and install instead
> existing file
> or is there a way to fix that problem?
> I try to change _*GnuCashPortableSettings.ini*_  file

We do not support GnuCashPortable.  They take Gnucash and respin it.  You
will have to ask them about their configuration files.

> [GnuCashPortableSettings]
> LastDrive=E:
> LastDirectory=\PortableApps\GnuCashPortable2410
> Language=*_es_*
> but noting happen,
> for German and Spanish language work,

You show above how you set your language the es, which is spanish.  But
then you say it doesn't work?  But then you say it does work.  So you've
got me confused.

> but not for Serbian and Slovenian.

What exactly are you setting it to for "Serbian" and "Slovenian"?

Honestly, I do not believe we have a Serbian or Slovenian translation.
If you are interested in translating GnuCash into either of these
languages then you can look at

> Best regards,
> Nebojša

Good Luck,


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