New developer introduction

Mac Michaels BitPit at
Sat Jun 23 10:48:07 EDT 2012


I am a retired software developer living in Texas USA.  I only understand 
English.  I started programming on a computer built with vacuum tubes.  I have 
a BS-EE from SMU and have been writing software all my career. When I started 
college there were no CS degrees.

I worked for Texas Instruments, Hewlett Packard, MCC, and several small 
startup companies.  I know C, C++, Pascal, Lisp, Perl, Forth, assembly 
language on several mini computers, and internal microcode for the TI-990/12. 

I contributed a driver for the DViCO FusionHDTV 3 and 5 ATSC television 
receiver PCI cards to the Linux kernel.  They are still there, but maintained 
by someone else now.  I use them daily.

I run KDE-4 on gentoo Linux.  I know gnucash is a gnome application.  Gentoo 
builds the parts of gnome needed for gnucash to run on KDE 4 and all is well.

MythTV (a digital video recorder) and Kdenlive (a media editor) are my 
favorite applications.

Bug 658382 is of interest to me as I am trying to get off of Quicken 2003 
Premier Home & Business.  I need to QIF import invoices for my wife's small 
business to gnucash.  

Years ago I thought Intuit was a trustworthy company, then they got greedy.  
Intuit locked down Turbo Tax to a single computer and made me mad.  Now Intuit 
is a real pig as the Quicken to bank link breaks after 3 years in order to 
extort more money from existing customers.  Since Intuit seems to somehow be 
in the loop between your bank and your computer (Intuit can shut 
communications down), I do not trust them at all.


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