Backport or not ?

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Mon Jun 25 16:07:20 EDT 2012

On 25-06-12 18:32, Derek Atkins wrote:
> Geert Janssens<janssens-geert at>  writes:
>> On 22-06-12 15:15, Derek Atkins wrote:
>>> Question:  Is there going to be a 2.4.11?
>> I have been wondering about that as well recently. In my opinion that
>> would be a good thing to do for several reasons:
>> - There are a number of translation updates on the 2.4 branch
>> - There are a few backported bugfixes, some of which fix crasher bugs
>> - It looks as if 2.6 won't be released soon. There are no formal plans
>> for beta or release. So releasing 2.4.11 would at least signal the
>> project is still alive.
>> What do others think ?
> I think we should probably release a 2.4.11 sooner rather than later.
> Let's see if there are any outstanding patches or crashers.
> It's really too bad we still haven't released a fix for the Win32
> Opening Balance issue that has plagued the whole 2.4 series!
Ah, the infamous "Parsing error" bug... [1]

On trunk this was fixed in the commit that converted the Account Dialog 
from glade to gtkbuilder. Since this commit had more changes than only 
the date issue, it couldn't be backported to 2.4 cleanly. And since we 
intended to have 2.6 in a not too distant future back then, I didn't 
bother to backport it manually to 2.4.

The times have changed and we still don't know when we will start 
working towards 2.6, so I have now taken the effort to backport the 
relevant parts to fix this bug on 2.4 as well. The result is in r22239.



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