[PATCH] Fix tip-of-the-day with gcc-4.7

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at telenet.be
Thu Jun 28 03:01:16 EDT 2012

Applied in trunk and 2.4. Thank you for the patch.


On 27-06-12 19:18, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> When making the text file tips-of-the-day, GnuCash expects 'gcc -E' to
> preserve at least one of the whitespace lines between entries. However, this
> relies on behavior of 'gcc -E' that isn't actually part of the spec, and is
> a historical accident. And it changed in gcc-4.7, such that all the
> whitespace is removed.
> Work around this by explicitly adding a newline in the sed expression.
> Bill
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