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Thu Mar 1 12:09:38 EST 2012

On Mar 1, 2012, at 6:57 AM, Derek Atkins wrote:

> Mike Alexander <mta at> writes:
>> --On February 28, 2012 3:43:22 AM -0800 Ian K <ik522000 at>
>> wrote:
>>> Could someone explain how to apply these patches in Windows? I am
>>> able to locate and view/edit, but have no idea what to do
>>> with these .diff files. Thanks!
>> If you don't have a patch program then you'll have to edit the
>> relevant files and apply the patches by hand.  Lines in the patch that
>> start with "-" represent lines that should be deleted from the file.
>> Lines starting with "+" should be added to the file.  Lines starting
>> with " " are for context and should not be changed in the file.  The
>> "+", "-", or " " are not part of the line and should not be entered
>> into the file.  Liberal use of copy and paste can make this a little
>> less error prone.
> I wonder if we should just make the post-patched files available for
> windows users?  Or perhaps provide a patch to the "Install F::Q" menu
> option?

F::Q hasn't published an update to CPAN since October 2009. Paul Fenwick has moved the repo to github [1], but hasn't pushed
anything in a year.

I propose that we fork Fenwick's repo to our Gnucash Github account, apply the outstanding patches, and adjust update-finance-quote to pull tarballs from there.

Mike, you seem conversant with the F::Q code, are you up for maintaining the GC fork?

As an aside, longer term it would be good to come up with a quote retrieval mechanism that doesn't pull in an extra scripting dependency and has something a bit more robust than screen scraping for data retrieval.

John Ralls


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