GSOC 2012 Android expense tracker application

Ngewi Fet ngewif at
Thu Mar 15 18:39:30 EDT 2012

My name is Ngewi Fet and I am a PhD student from the University of
Duisburg-Essen in Germany. ( )

I am interested contributing to Gnucash through the GSOC 2012, in
particular the Android expense tracker application. I have done some
Android programming as part of my studies and I usually also like to track
my expenses in real time (i.e. when I am actually spending the money).

I have read the description on the Wiki page
and I am very interested in the project.

I have a question about the description in the wiki. It says "You will also
learn how to allow users to configure multiple credit cards and bank
accounts into the Android application". Is this supposed to mean that the
mobile app should be able to synchronize with bank accounts?

Also, here (
says that the app should target API level 4 - 15. Looking at Android
platform versions, API level 4 is about 0.8% of the total install base with
access to the market. I would suggest to target API level 7 and above since
there are significant API changes which were made in the Android 2.x
series. Just a suggestion and I would like to hear opinions on it.

I have some ideas for the application and I look forward to working with
the community to advance Gnucash for the mobile platform.


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