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Fri May 18 04:23:06 EDT 2012

Thanks for your offer! you can help the GnuCash project by translating:
- the GnuCash program interface: latest brazilian portuguese translator 
was  Dorneles Tremea (dorneles at tremea dot com) in January 2011. There 
seems to be also a translation team for brazilian portoguese (ldp-br at 
bazar2 dot conectiva dot com dot br)
- the GnuCash website (we don't have a brazilian-portuguese but only a 
portuguese translation)
- the GnuCash user manual and guide (no one has tackled this task for 
brazilian portuguese: you need to start from scratch)

It is better if you try contact the latest translator in order to avoid 
double work or to get advice.

For more information on how to translate for the GnuCash project read 
the dedicated wiki article:

For any question, don't hesitate to ask!


Il 17/05/2012 19.47, Leandro Candido / ENCLLE ha scritto:
> Hello,
>    I want to be part of the team that translate the site, manuals/guides and
> gnucash to brazilian-portuguese.
>    How can I proceed?
>    How can I work with you guys?
>    How translation is done?
> []'s,
> Leandro.
> PS: I use Linux in my work, but as I will translate in my spare time (in my
> home), I will do it using Windows platform.
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