Running unit tests under valgrind

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue May 22 10:38:55 EDT 2012


Donald Allen <donaldcallen at> writes:

>> Are you offering to help do this periodic testing!?   If so, thank you!
> Yes, I said so above. Make a valgrind+gnucash executable available to
> me (or tell me how to build one), and I will put it through the kind
> of paces that I use gnucash for normally. I've got a very fast box
> with 8 Gb of memory and SSDs running Linux that should make the
> performance hit tolerable. I can easily test both the db (postgresql)
> and xml backends.

There is a gnucash-valgrind script that gets generated on all platforms
except Windows, and it gets installed into the bindir alongside
gnucash.  So you should just be able to run "gnucash-valgrind" instead
of "gnucash" already.

> /Don

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