Software Requirements Gnucash

Christian Stimming christian at
Thu Nov 1 05:10:55 EDT 2012

Dear Eva,

thanks for your interest in gnucash. The normal communication with the project 
is done by sending an e-mail to the gnucash development mailing list.
Please subscribe to the "gnucash-devel" list and send your question there. 

As for myself, I don't know the full answer to your question. To my knowledge 
there doesn't exist any formal SRS. The last collection of implementation 
structure is here:
As for requirements, there was some discussion on the mailing list about 2 
years ago - you might find this in the archives.

Best Regards,


Am Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2012, 15:07:45 schrieben Sie:
> Dear Sir,
> I\'m a Computer Science university student in Aristotle
> University of Thessaloniki.
> I\'d like to know if there is a Software Requirements Sheet
> (SRS document) for Gnucash project. If there isn\\\'t ,I\\\'d
> like to write it due to the project in my university course
> \'Software Engineering\' and so contribute to the Gnucash
> project. I have found it on and I\'d like to
> ask you if you could help me if there is any need in the
> next 2-3 months.
> Thank you for your help in advance
> --
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