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On 10/31/2012 4:40 PM, David T. wrote:
> I have just put an initial draft chapter for the Tutorial on Bugzilla in the referenced bug, to cover expense accounts. 
> I welcome suggestions for correction!
> David
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I have added a couple of comments to bug 697290. 

These are my thoughts.   I think that expenses do deserve an entire
chapter.  However, I would structure existing chapters five through
nine, sixteen and expenses to fit into the framework suggested  by
chapter two's reference to the five basic account types.  This would
mean that chapters on asset account topics (Checkbook, Investments and
Other Assets) be grouped together, liability account topics (Credit
Cards and Loans) together, Income (Capital Gains) as a unit and Expenses
as a unit.  Transactions, Budgets and Multiple Currencies apply to all
account types, and should be after the account type sections.

Business topics should be separate as they are now.

David C
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