GnuCash XML spec (for non-C languages?)

Christian Stimming christian at
Tue Nov 6 05:28:32 EST 2012

> >> A web service interface would be good.  Then one could enter one's
> >> transactions directly into the database in the cloud or ones home
> >> server from the mobile device.  No messing about with export/import.
> > 
> > I wouldn't go there. Most people, me included, consider their financial
> > data to be extremely sensitive and private. The potential liability
> > from such a cloud storage facility getting hacked is incalculable.
> That is a valid argument against using cloud storage but it does not
> apply to a home server.

>From a technical point of view your idea is probably a very good solution. 
However, it limits the potential number of users drastically. There aren't 
that many people our there who are comfortable with setting up a web server 
with the correct hooks to a gnucash web service plugin, "just" to set up 
something for their private financial bookkeeping. I'm not saying this means 
nobody will implement it. Mostly, features get implemented because someone 
needs it for themselves. But part of my motivation is also whether a new 
feature is usable for a somewhat larger user base, and setting up a private 
web service probably doesn't fall into that category...



PS: Speaking of new devices: My mail reader on Android doesn't fold the 
citations but just shows the full text of the message. Hence, reading an ~5 
line answer after ~200 lines of citation is rather cumbersome. Do you think it 
is possible to trim the citation lines and/or write your answer somewhere near 
the top? Thanks a lot!

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