GnuCash XML spec (for non-C languages?)

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On 06 Nov 2012, at 3:14 PM, "Derek Atkins" <derek at> wrote:

> Another option would be to have a GnuCash "service" that runs on a home server and enables remote access to the GnuCash data through a well defined services API. A mobile app would implement the client side of the services API and connect to your running GnuCash service.  Less to set up (no https required) but more work for us because we need to implement more.  This could also enable a web service..  especially if we decide to use xml or json as the transport framework.
> But writing an http service might still be easier, even if it is harder to set up for the average Joe.   I suspect some people would be willing to use a web service run by someone else..  *ponders*

This is an excellent idea.

Plucking a random example, iTunes is both a music playing client, and a music serving server. As an end user, I just install "iTunes", and without caring how the magic happens, my iTunes magically appears to others on my network.

I would love it if gnucash was a service that I could run locally for my own consumption as part of the gnucash client installation, or perhaps (suitably secured) run with people on my network, or (suitably secured again) share it with my accountant.


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