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Wed Nov 7 06:09:12 EST 2012

For those interested, I have created a tasktaste instance for the 
Gnucash 2.6 release [1]. I saw this in use for gimp 2.8 and decided to 
try it for GnuCash as well. Tasktaste is a very simple tool which an 
project a release date for 2.6 based on a list of tasks. I have entered 
tasks to be done (based on the feedback I got so far from John and Alex, 
my own tasks and the milestones in bugzilla) and added a rough time it 
will take to finish these tasks (expressed in manweeks). Additionally, I 
have set an average workforce of 2.

These are obviously very rough estimations, but it indicates that with 
what we still want to be done, we won't make March for the release.

Note that the manweeks are not to be taken as in a typical business. It 
means the amount of work a person can do in one week. In reality that 
person may have only one hour available per week. If he needs 10 hours 
to finish the task, that would count as 10 weeks on the tasktaste schedule.

Anyway, if you have other tasks to add, or think my estimation is wrong, 
please let me know. Unfortunately there is no way to have multiple users 
manage one project, so I'm set as the only admin. Not ideal for a 
community project, but it was mainly an experiment.



On 06-11-12 13:54, Geert Janssens wrote:
> Since we are talking future plans in other threads, I'd like to shift 
> focus back to the near future for a while: a new major gnucash release.
> I have updated the release schedule on the wiki 
> ( with the 
> information I have. A number of features are complete, some still need 
> to be started (guile 2.0 is on my list).
> I'd like to ask the other developers if they can share what they are 
> working on that is still meant for 2.6 so I can complete the expected 
> feature list and establish an estimated release schedule for the 2.5 
> series eventually leading to the release of 2.6.
> John's work on fixing the 2038 date issue should probably be included 
> still.
> I also know that Robert Fewell is still working on a register rewrite. 
> I'm not sure if he thinks this can be ready for 2.6 or not. It would 
> be great, but might be too much work still.
> On my TODO list, I have support for guile 2.0, completing the git 
> migration, writing some unit tests for the new features I have added 
> and some small cleanups in those new features.
> From what I have now, I would propose to do a first 2.5 testing 
> release December 9, calling it a feature freeze. Features that are 
> mostly done or have a good chance of being finished in time for 2.6, 
> will be included. From there we can work towards a release of 2.6 
> somewhere in March 2013.
> What do you think ?
> Geert
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