r22563 - gnucash-docs/trunk/guide/it_IT - Update Italian Translation.

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at telenet.be
Sun Nov 18 08:31:31 EST 2012

On 18-11-12 14:04, Cristian Marchi wrote:
> Sorry Geert, it was not intentional. It happened because for Italian 
> translation of guide and help I use a potfile based system. I generate 
> a it.po file based on the English xml files (C folder), I update the 
> it.po file and then generate the xml file in Italian using files in 
> the C folder as template. When I've regenerated the Italian guide xml 
> file, your changes were discarded.
> I've looked at your changes and I can see:
> - capitalized V changed in v for revisions (I can do this in my it.po 
> file and regenerate the file)
This was done to be consistent across translations. I forgot you were 
working from a pot file, otherwise I would have updated that one as well.
> - Entity date: in my workflow that's picked up from the C folder and 
> it is not picked up by the pot file generation: for me it's not a 
> problem if it remains untraslated
Not too important. I just noticed this date was translated in the other 
languages, so translated it for Italian as well. I don't know if in 
Italian the month is normally captialized (like Novembre) or not (like 
novembre). I changed some capitalizations of dates in the revision list 
because I thought months are not capitalized by default in Italian. 
Those revision dates that consist only of a month and a year, I kept 
capitalized as the month is the first word in such sentence.
> - My personal info in the authors section are added during the 
> generation of the xml file based on what I've set in the po file as 
> "translator credits" (you can see in the diff that my info in the 
> copyright tag are moved some row down: that's where they are 
> automatically placed in the po to xml generation).
I had moved your credits to the top, because I considered you the 
primary contributor to the documentation at this point and wanted to 
give you credit for it. But if that's complicated with the po file, it 
is ok as it is as well.
> Are there other differences from the ones I listed?
The (non)capitalized dates I mentioned earlier, but other than that, no.

Thank you for your continued work on the documentation.


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