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Hello there,

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> Hello There,
> I see a lot of folks are happy GNUCash for Android is finally here. But,
> the are unable they cannot sync it with the desk top.
> I have a couple ideas.
> First, for those of us that use GNUCash with MySQL, have the mobile
> application access that MySQL datatbase and update it directly. I don't
> know if folks keep the program open, or open it when they need it and
> then close when done. If they keep it open, perhaps some kind of refresh
> or database re-read needs to be put into play.

Access that database how exactly? Or you mean copy it to the phone? Android
only supports SQLite AFAIK.
It is more likely that the app will be able to read GnuCash XML files than

> OR
> Make the GNUCash a client server application that folks just use the web
> browser to access. After every entry, the page gets updated anyway,
> therefore if the enduser has both open, they will automatically stay
> insync.
> OR
> tell folks to bluetooth sync the OFX files to the computer, and have the
> GNUCash also look into the folder for the newest transferred OFX
> document, and auto update the one on the computer.

Well right now, you can send the OFX file to Dropbox, or SkyDrive or email.
And open it and import to GnuCash on your PC. GnuCash for the desktop is
not "aware" of the companion app for Android, so it does not know to look
into some specific folder to the files to regularly import.

> OR
> .... I'm thinking about this and I can just see only the beginnings how
> much of a pain in the ass it is to cater to some people. I'm curious how
> many of them are asking for a program that is already out there such as
> Mint, where it is already web based. However, I don't like the fact it
> demands access to my bank account information.
> I like the idea of the GNUcash and MySQL integration. I can have GNUCash
> on multiple computers that I switch around to, and have the same
> information. I'm smart enough to program the router to port forward on
> some strange number port to my MySQL server for when I connect outside
> my home network. I'm not sure how many GNUCash users would do that. But,
> it goes again, you only get so much for free. GNUCash would be a very
> expensive program if it ever was commercialized.
> Ah, another idea popped into my head. Offer secure MySQL access for
> users. The program will still be free, and still have all and full
> functionality, if they want to have their data stored on a specialize
> secure MySQL access, they can pay a small amount a year for it. Like
> $9.99. This will enable everything from the desktop GNUcash and GNUCash
> for Android to remain in sync. No need to customers to setup their
> routers for anything. I want 10% of the profits for the idea. I mean it.

A web service for GnuCash is nothing new and has been (is being) raised
Here's a counter-proposal for you: if you implement this idea, you can keep
more than 10% of the profits.

> Comments?

Thanks for your comments. A lot of folks (myself included) are thinking
about and working to bringing the desktop and android versions closer
You should join the developer mailing list (in CC) if you are interested in
Gnucash development. It'll explain a lot of things.
Here is a thread that could shed more light on some of the issues you

> ~Benjamin Naber
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